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19 April 1970: Paul Temple, season 2, episode 3: Games People Play

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Apr. 19th, 1970 | 07:25 pm

Paul Temple was a very popular series about a writer, Paul Temple, and his wife Steve, who go around exotic locations, solving the many mysteries that seem to crop up all around them.

It was broadcast on Sunday evenings at 7.25 pm, a prime slot.

“Games People Play”, the episode in which Michael Gothard appears as an up-and-coming actor called Ivan, was filmed in Malta, and is the only extant episode filmed on 16 mm colour film, the rest being only on digital video.

Radio Times plot synopsis:

“While in Malta, Paul and Steve are drawn into the 'sweet life' of a group for whom luxury has become a necessity - a life that soon lures the innocent beyond boredom into danger.”

Watch extracts, including Michael Gothard's scenes as Ivan on Youtube.

IMDB entry

Michael Gothard as Ivan.

Radio Times entry from Media Gems.

Games People Play

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