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Games People Play: reviews

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Apr. 19th, 1970 | 09:00 pm

From: “Media Gems.”

Several renowned TV series writers used the opportunity of a format seemingly without any limits to engage in all kinds of experiments (from a dramatic, not a technical point of view). Therefore, when we see the episodes today our verdict must be that many (not all) have aged surprisingly well. Not only do they profit from the chemistry between Matthews and Ros Drinkwater who plays Steve, but also from considerable achievements by the crew. A good example is Philip Dudley’s direction of “Games People Play”, an episode which benefits greatly from the fact that the action is set on Malta and that it was made entirely on film. Co-producer Bryant compared this story to Fellini's classic, La Dolce Vita.

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Alex J. Geairns on “Cult TV.”

Paul Temple is one of the most popular private detectives of all time, beginning life in a 1938 BBC radio serial before appearing in novels, film and even a daily comic strip. The radio show lasted for three decades before Auntie Beeb decided it was time to bring Paul and Steve to television. This four disc DVD set features the eleven surviving colour episodes of a series, encapsulating crime-busting sophistication 1970s style.

The surviving colour episodes of Paul Temple come to DVD. Filmed in a variety of beautiful locations around Europe, Paul and Steve take on the idle rich in Malta, a murder mystery played out live on TV, witchcraft, strange encounters at a ball in Munich and other mysteries that only one crime writer can solve.

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From Mark, on “Random Ramblings, Thoughts and Fiction."

One by one [Paul Temple] talks with each in Mark's circle; his wife, his young girlfriend, his stunt man, his agent and the young hip actor who is on the up, getting the roles he used to get, and finds that each one really hate Mark and project their own worst fears onto him, claiming they are what he is really scared of …

Eventually, Paul arranges for Mark to arrive at some cliffy ruins whereby he informs him that each of his so called friends actually despise him and one is up there now with a shotgun, intending to take a pot shot at him. Paul has actually arranged for Steve to be up there to fire a blank at Mark, but a real shot rings out, narrowly missing him.

The episode … benefits greatly from its location. There's a genuine travelogue air about the filming, despite it being off season and clearly very very windy! It boasts a great cast including George Baker, superb as the insecure, bullying, rapidly going over the hill actor, Mark Hall, Michael Gothard (The Devils) Moray Watson, Tony Vogel (Year Of The Sex Olympics) Penny Spencer (Please Sir!) and Francis Matthews real life wife Angela Browne.

[Mark’s] wife … also informs Paul that Mark only married her to quell certain rumours about his private life, which makes the scenes in which he lounges about with both her and his girlfriend rather compelling and certainly makes you wonder why he insists on having his strapping stuntman (Vogel) good looking actor colleague (Gothard) and rather camp agent (Watson) constantly around …

The fashions, as they always were in Paul Temple, are eye catching, a bit naff and still rather groovy all at the same time! It was definitely a cravat chaps show (with Matthews, Baker and Watson donning them, Gothard opting for the 70s low hanging medallion and unforgivable tight white jeans …)

Full review on Full review.

Series review by Billy Smart on Tachyon TV


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