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Games People Play: screencaps

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Apr. 19th, 1970 | 10:00 pm

Before the titles, we see a group of people chasing one of their number – here Ivan throws a rock at him.
It looks serious, but it turns out to be part of a game.

Paul Temple, a fiction writer, and his wife Steve, are at a hotel. They see a group consisting of a
well-known actor, Mark, and his entourage including Michael’s character Ivan, Mark’s young protégé.

The group throw one of their number into the swimming pool, with his hands tied, to see whether Paul Temple will
dive in and save him.

On Mark’s insistence, Steve consents to join the party on another island, just for the day. They go there in Mark’s boat.

Ivan says that everything Mark does is exciting, because it’s for real.

When they arrive at the island, Mark and his friends secretly divide into two groups, one trying to make Steve enjoy
her stay, and the other trying to make her so unhappy that she leaves. Ivan’s part in this seems to consist of flirting
with her, and making lascivious remarks.

Games People Play 13

Paul arrives, but instead of taking his wife away from this insanity, he decides to stay and join in the game.

That morning, Steve is made to direct a blindfolded Ivan while he drives a buggy down a perilous route to the beach.

Paul tries to find out what Mark is afraid of, but claims that the only thing Mark's friends are telling him is what they
themselves are afraid of.

Chillingly, Ivan says: “He’s always promised that when he gets too old, he’s going to kill himself. That’s the only thing
he’s really frightened of – getting old.”

Ivan and the others agree to try and scare Mark; Ivan says it’s “for the game.”

They are so successful that Mark drops his phoney friends, and leaves, with Paul and Steve.


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