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1950 - 57: teenage years

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Jan. 1st, 1970 | 03:00 am

From 05/09/1950 to 26/07/1957, Michael Gothard attended Haverstock Comprehensive School.

Around 1951, Michael was a member of the 15th St. Pancras Boy Scout Troop, as part of a patrol listed below:
L Clark
D Fielder
M Gothard
B Hillier
B Janes
J Kesner
D Parr
J Smith
R Murphy
R Corrie

According to the electoral roll, from 1952 to 1958, a man named Jack Walker was living at 1 Gloucester Court with Irene. Jack was Irene's new partner, and an unofficial step-father for Michael.

A more detailed account from H. of Michael's teenage years can be found here.

Michael does not appear on the electoral roll for 1 Gloucester Court, so he must have left home before he was old enough to vote, at 18. His mother still lived there alone until her re-marriage in 1961.

Aileen McClintock communicated with Marcella Crisan, a librarian fan of Michael's, who had met and interviewed him on a number of occasions in order to write a thesis on his life. However, Marcella and destroyed all her notes, on being diagnosed with terminal cancer. She remembered that Michael said he was brought up by his mother, as a single parent.

Marcella also recalled that Michael had suffered a nervous breakdown while a teenager. It seems surprising that a mentally fragile teenager could have survived travelling around Europe, alone, as Michael did after leaving school.

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Comments {2}

2AP Ms Philpotts class 1954

from: anonymous
date: Oct. 15th, 2017 03:45 pm (UTC)

David King here. I was in Ms Philpotts class 1AP then 2AP then Mr Grey's class, my brother was 5 years older than me Melvyn King

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Michael Gothard Archive

Re: 2AP Ms Philpotts class 1954

from: michael_gothard
date: Oct. 15th, 2017 09:12 pm (UTC)

Hi David - thank you for getting in touch. Did you or Melvyn know Michael? Are you or Melvyn in any of the photos in the entries about Haverstock School? Please e-mail me at joya.ghose@gmail.com if you have memories you could share with me. (Nothing you say will be added to this archive without your permission.)

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