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1961: Photos of Michael Gothard, Café St-Michel, Paris

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Jan. 1st, 1970 | 04:30 am

Michael Gothard at The Beat Hotel, 1960/61 by Harold Chapman

Photos by Harold Chapman.
©TopFoto/Harold Chapman.

Harold Chapman: "I had run across him by chance and we sat in the Café St-Michel just round the corner from the Beat Hotel, discussing this and that. It is a one-off picture as I always carry my camera with me in case I see something that I wish to photograph, and this was while we were sitting at the table and he was relaxed and thinking and everything fell into place ... I used the photo in my book, The Beat Hotel, and only made one print. That has been lost for nearly thirty years and I have been selling off my archival prints for some time and only found it after an extensive search."

Harold later found three more prints, reproduced here, by his kind permission.

MG in cafe 3 edit

MG in cafe 2 edit

MG in cafe 1 edit

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