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Scream and Scream Again: screencaps

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Jan. 15th, 1970 | 12:45 pm

Warning: image-heavy post; spoilers

A sinister figure appears in a nightclub, and mingles with the bright young things on the dance-floor, like any
bloke enjoying a night out.

He lurks.

He sees a target – Sylvia (Judy Huxtable) – approaching.

She is easily persuaded to go for a ride in his car.

Things seem to be hotting up.

Realising that something isn’t quite right about the man she has picked up, Sylvia flees.

The young man – Keith – chases and attacks her with terrifying ferocity.

He throws her from one side of the underpass to the other, like a rag doll.

Then he despatches her.

In this scene, a policewoman, Helen Bradford (Judy Bloom), wearing a wire, and under surveillance, has been
sent out to see whether she can flush out this “vampire killer.” Helen agrees to go for a ride with him.

Helen: you haven’t even told me your name yet, you know.

Keith: That’s right. Guess …

Helen: Okay.

Keith: And I’ll guess yours.

Helen: Right.

Keith: just for laughs.

Helen: Um … Peter?

Keith shakes his head.

Helen: No?

Keith: No … too ordinary.

Helen: Michael?

Keith: Not today, Lady!

Keith then takes a “short cut” across the Heath, and parks, supposedly for a bit of canoodling.

While they are talking, Keith falls upon the policewoman, drinking her blood.

The policewoman’s boyfriend arrives.

Helen has lost consciousness, while Keith seems to be in a stupor.

The policeman takes action.

Keith comes to his senses and uses his super-strength to escape.

A long car chase ensues.

This ends at a chalk quarry.

It seems to be taking a great many policeman to catch one vampire.

Keith tries to escape among the quarry workings.

Here we see some of the stunts that impressed Director Gordon Hessler.

Michael Gothard drops a considerable distance from the bar to the ground.

He's soon up and running again.

He shakes off still more of the police.

He ends up trapped against a cliff face.

Surrounded, he is about to start throwing rocks at the police, but seems to think better of it.

He starts to climb instead. The police watch, incredulous as he scales this cliff.

This was the stunt where Michael apparently climbed the almost sheer cliff, while suspended on a metal cable.

Keith seems to have gone as high as he can; tries to negotiate the overhang, but loses his grip.

He rolls and tumbles all the way back down the huge cliff. Thinking he must be dead, the policemen carry him
back to their cars.

When they find he’s still alive, they can hardly believe it.

They cuff him to one of the police cars.

He doesn't like being trapped.

He tears his own hand off.

He makes his escape.

The police pursue him across the countryside.

Keith seems to know where he is going.

At last he comes back to where he was ‘born’ – where Dr Browning (Vincent Price) built him, from parts stolen
from other people.

He takes refuge in an outbuilding.

As Keith hears the police coming for him, we see a tear on the face of the monster.

Knowing what he must do, he opens a trapdoor in the floor.

Then Keith jumps into a vat of acid, rather than let himself be captured.

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