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Warrior Queen: episode 1: screencaps

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Feb. 20th, 1978 | 06:00 pm

WQ (5) WQ (6)

Druid priest Volthan (Michael Gothard) supports Boudicca (Siân Phillips) following the death of her husband.

WQ (9) WQ (11)

He faces off with her half-Roman favourite Kuno (Darien Angadi) over the funeral arrangements.

WQ (13) WQ (15)

Volthan is concerned that the Gods will be angry with the Iceni if they bury their king with Roman rituals,
instead of Druid ones.

WQ (16) WQ (41)

His attempt to disrupt the funeral fails.

WQ (44) WQ (48)

He goes to make sacrifice to appease the Gods.

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