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Warlords of Atlantis: screencaps

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May. 15th, 1978 | 09:00 pm

WoA (6) WoA (2)

The stranded expedition party is greeted by Atmir.

WoA (8) WoA (9)

He looks upon them with little favour.

WoA (17) WoA (20)

They are conducted towards one of Atlantis’ seven cities: a hazardous journey.

WoA (21) WoA (26)

They encounter a monster, and somehow manage to sneak past.

WoA (36) WoA (37)

Charles Aitken is astonished that Atmir knows about Earth’s history.

WoA (40) WoA (46)

They arrive at the city and Atmir has them locked up.

WoA (51) WoA (55)

Charles is taken to meet someone higher up.

WoA (56) WoA (57)

Meanwhile, Atmir directs a battle against some monsters who are attacking the city.

WoA (66) WoA (72)

Finding that the prisoners have all escaped, he first tries to persuade them to stay, then rains thunderbolts down
on them.

WoA (80) WoA (84)

They escape, with the help of a brave Atlantean slave-worker.

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