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5 October 1980: A Tale of Two Cities.

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Oct. 5th, 1980 | 08:00 pm

The BBC drama, "A Tale of Two Cities", was based on the Dickens novel, and spanned 8 episodes.

Michael Gothard played a revolutionary named Gaspard. His character featured briefly in part 1, shown 5 October 1980, but had more of a story in part 3, shown 19 October.

Per IMDB, scenes set in France were actually filmed in Jersey for financial reasons.

The series won a Daytime Emmy: Outstanding Children's Entertainment Series 1981.

Morris Perry, who played the Marquise de Evremonde, killed by Gaspard in this episode, previously appeared with Michael in "The Further Adventures of the Musketeers" as Captain Groslow, and in "Stopover" (an episode of "The Professionals") as Radouk, an ally of Michael's character, Kodai.

Watch extracts, including Michael Gothard’s scenes as Gaspard on Youtube.

IMDB entry

Screencaps from episode 3.

Gaspard sets his daughter down so she can go and play.

Gaspard has heard a scream. His daughter has been run down by the carriage bearing the Marquise de Evermonde (Morris Perry).

He is predictably distraught. His friend - a fellow revolutionary - stops him from taking immediate vengeance.

Meanwhile the Marquise, whose carriage ran the child down, pontificates about how he's amazed that these poor
people don't look after their children better, and says he'd quite happily run any of them over.

Gaspard manages to track the Marquis to his home. He finds a hiding place near the mansion, and waits.

He climbs up the side of the house to the balcony near his enemy's bedroom ...

... and kills him.

Gaspard doesn't appear again.
In the following episode, a group of the revolutionaries describe how he escaped capture for some time, but was eventually caught and hanged.

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