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26 October 1980: Shoestring, series 2, episode 4: The Mayfly Dance.

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Oct. 26th, 1980 | 09:00 pm

“Shoestring” was a very popular BBC series about a down-at-heel detective, Eddie Shoestring, played by Trevor Eve.

“The Mayfly Dance” concerns an elusive former band member, Jody Brent. Michael Gothard plays Harry, who was in the same band, but has now become a farmer. He gives Eddie Shoestring an idea of where Jody can be found, so that the truth about a death can be revealed.

Robert Banks Stewart, the producer of “Shoestring”, would have been familiar with Michael’s work, having been one of the writers on “Arthur of the Britons.”

Mayfly Dance (2) Mayfly Dance (8)

Mayfly Dance (10) Mayfly Dance (13)

Mayfly Dance (15) Mayfly Dance (31)

“The Mayfly Dance” episode guide on the Shoestring fansite

General description of “Shoestring” on the Thrilling Detective website

Extract from "The Mayfly Dance", including Michael Gothard’s scene as Harry

IMDB entry

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