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For Your Eyes Only: casting

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Sep. 15th, 1980 | 06:00 am

John Glen in “For My Eyes Only – My Life with James Bond.”

“Debbie [McWilliams – the casting director] found Michael Gothard, whom we cast as the assassin, Locque. Michael was a captivating actor, perfect to play an inscrutable and ruthless killer. He suggested that Locque should wear the thick octagonal glasses that somehow made him appear even more sinister.”

In correspondence, John Glen says: “I cast Michael Gothard in "For Your Eyes Only" and he contributed many ideas on this, my first effort as a Bond director. He suggested the distinctive octagonal eye glasses which gave him a sinister look.

I remember him as a very pleasant person as well as a fine actor. Also his beautiful wife who made a brief appearance in Cortina ..."1

Profiles of the character Michael Gothard played, Emile Leopold Locque can be found here.

1 No record has been found of Michael having been married, but M.T., to whom John Glen is referring, is also mentioned by Sean McCormick, who met her in 1981, and by friend and neighbour S.B. who says Michael and M.T. had an unofficial ceremony.

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