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For Your Eyes Only: screencaps

FYEO Villa (2) FYEO Villa (3)

Emile Locque arrives at Hector Gonzalves’ villa, to pay him for killing Melina Havelock’s parents.

FYEO Villa (7) FYEO Villa (8)

He coldly observes the proceedings, apparently uninterested in all the beautiful women surrounding him.

FYEO Villa (11) FYEO Villa (12)

Seeing Gonzalves killed by Melina Havelock, he motions to his sidekick to take no action. Then brazenly retrieves
the money.

FYEO Villa (14) FYEO Villa (15)

His sidekick even snatches a wad of notes Gonzalves had given one of the girls.


Q shows Bond the worst computer identification system ever.

FYEO ID (9) FYEO ID (12)

Despite its apparent inadequacies, it nevertheless coughs up an answer, correctly identifying Emile Leopold
Locque as the paymaster by the pool.

FYEO Cortina (4) FYEO Cortina (7)

In Cortina, Locque watches as Bond discusses him with Kristatos, who, unknown to Bond and the audience, is
Locque’s employer.

FYEO Cortina (11) FYEO Cortina (13)

Locque continues stalking Bond around the mountainside, directing his henchmen to get into position.

FYEO Cortina (15) FYEO Cortina (26)

Locque continues stalking Bond around the mountainside, following him onto the ski-lift.

FYEO Cortina (27) FYEO Cortina (28)

The crowds are getting in the way, but Bond is boxed in.

FYEO Cortina (29) FYEO Cortina (30)

Here we see the dove insignia which Locque is using, to implicate Kristatos’ rival, Milos Columbo.

FYEO Cortina (33) FYEO Cortina (34)

Locque lets Bond know he is armed.

FYEO Cortina (36) FYEO Cortina (37)

Bond has to take evasive action, on skis.

FYEO Cortina (41) FYEO Cortina (42)

While Bond is being kept busy at the ice rink, Locque kills Bond’s contact, Ferrara, who is waiting outside, again
pointing the finger at Columbo, this time by leaving a distinctive dove pin on the victim.

FYEO Beach buggies FYEO Beach buggies (2)

Locque trails Bond to a beach villa, where he is having a romantic interlude with Columbo’s mistress,
Countess Lisl (Cassandra Harris).

FYEO Beach buggies (9) FYEO Beach buggies (10)

Bond tries to protect Lisl.

FYEO Beach buggies (11) FYEO Beach buggies (13)

But they get separated, and Locque runs the Countess down, with obvious enjoyment.

FYEO Beach buggies (14) FYEO Beach buggies (17)

He has Bond at gunpoint.

FYEO Beach buggies (20) FYEO Beach buggies (21)

But Locque is distracted by his henchman getting shot in the back by Columbo’s men, and Bond takes the
opportunity to kick his gun away. Locque beats a retreat.

FYEO Warehouse (2) FYEO Warehouse (3)

To prove it is Kristatos who is the real villain, Columbo takes Bond, and some of his men, to a warehouse where
Locque is overseeing the arrival of a consignment of heroin.

FYEO Warehouse (6) FYEO Warehouse (9)

Locque is quick to sense trouble.

FYEO Warehouse (12) FYEO Warehouse (14)

He sets about causing some of his own.

FYEO Warehouse (15) FYEO Warehouse (18)

He sets a charge …

FYEO Warehouse (25) FYEO Warehouse (23)

… retreats to a safe distance …

FYEO Warehouse (27) FYEO chase (3)

… blows up the warehouse, and escapes.

FYEO chase (6) FYEO chase (7)

Locque drives away up a winding mountain road, and Bond gives chase on foot, using short-cuts to keep up.
He shoots Locque in the shoulder, and Locque’s car veers off the road.

FYEO chase (44) FYEO chase (17)

Locque can see how close he is to the edge of the cliff.

FYEO chase (18) FYEO chase (26)

He reaches towards Bond, for help.

FYEO chase (28) FYEO chase (38)

Bond throws him the pin he left on Ferrara’s body. Locque catches it.

FYEO chase (36) FYEO chase (39)

Locque realises he will be getting no quarter from Bond, who kicks Locque’s car.

FYEO chase (40) FYEO chase (45)

Locque’s car goes over the cliff edge, and we hear his voice for the first time, when he screams.
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