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Meeting Michael's former girlfriend, M.T.

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Jul. 1st, 1999 | 12:00 pm

A fan of Michael's, Belsizepark, had sent a card to M.T. at Shirlock Road to request a meet-up. As there was no response, she decided to leave a message at the house. It was 1st or 2nd July 1999, the weekend after what would have been Michael's 60th birthday.

“The door was open, and I saw a woman … a 'Phoebe Cates' type. When I entered the house I asked her if she was M.T., and then introduced myself.

I was there three hours. She was nice and willing to talk to me. To me, the mourning was new; to her it was somewhat ‘over’, but with my presence I felt as if I dug up the pain again. That made the situation a bit tense.

She spoke in a very loving manner of Michael: what a nice guy he was and easy to get on with.

Michael lived on the ground floor (the flat next to entrance door) and she lived on the first floor. Michael had two rooms for therapy.1 The house also had a basement room/space.

He once had been treated with an electric shock. Michael had an accident with his car, but she couldn’t tell if this was a suicide attempt. At some point, he had refused treatment for his illness.

He had friends, and he was a godfather of his friends’ children. He had a talent for musical instruments, the bongos, the piano, saxophone and another instrument I forgot.2

She [last] saw him five days prior his death. A friend found him in the morning, and he looked relaxed.

Patients were shocked about his death; he helped so many.

He had a beautiful funeral service with jazz music; it was held at Golders Green Crematorium. M.T. arranged everything of the funeral and his estate.

After his death, she moved into his flat. She gave many things away, but she kept the books where he wrote something in it. She also kept his journals.

I never knew what his signature was like, so I asked her if I could see it. She led me to the bedroom where there were shelves with books, and she went through some until she found one with a signature and handed it over to me. There was his signature, and the telephone number, and with pencil written remarks in it.

She also gave me his coffee mug. What a treasure!"


1 Former girlfriend N.B. said that Michael trained as a hypnotherapist.

2 His friend Clive Bell said that he also played the flute.

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