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Ivanhoe: screencaps

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Feb. 23rd, 1982 | 09:00 pm

IT (4) IT (10)

Cedric of Rotherwood (Michael Hordern), his Fool, Wamba (George Innes) and Athelstane (Michael Gothard) are
attending a tournament hosted by Prince John.

IT (20) IT (25)

Cedric's ward, Rowena (Lysette Anthony) arrives. A little late, Athelstane rises to greet his betrothed,
but she barely notices him, so he goes back to one of his favourite pastimes.

IT (36) IT (56)

Cedric spends most of the tournament pointedly bemoaning the lack of a Saxon champion to challenge the three
Normans who have won every contest so far. Athelstane has no intention of risking his life to make a point,
but he assures Cedric that he will fight “tomorrow.”

IT (46) IT (58)

Rowena knows perfectly well that tomorrow never comes, but she doesn't seem to mind; she simply laughs at
him. Cedric is less amused.

IT (64) IT (65)

Athelstane is not especially interested in the proceedings, but he wakes up in time to see Ivanhoe (Cedric’s
estranged son and Rowena’s true love), crown Rowena as Queen of the tournament. Athelstane seems to bear
Ivanhoe no ill will.


IB (8) Cedric

At the banquet following the tournament, while Athelstane enjoys the hospitality, Cedric makes no attempt
to hide his resentment of the Normans.

IB (3) IB (11)

Athelstane does his best to back him up, without actually saying very much, because he’s too drunk.

IB (14) IB (17)

To Prince John’s annoyance, the Saxons stand to toast King Richard.

IB (20) IB (22)

Prince John threatens to make Rowena marry one of his lords. Cedric and Athelstane then leave, in high dudgeon.


IY (3) IY (11)

Athelstane, Cedric, and Wamba are in a party travelling to York – Athelstane is very obviously hung-over.

IY (10) IY (12)

They hear a noise – and are suddenly attacked and taken prisoner by a group led by the three Norman lords
from the tournament. Only the Fool escapes.

IY (14) IY (15)

As they are taken into Front de Boeuf’s castle, Athelstane’s main worry is whether they will be fed.


IC (6) IC (9)

His next concern, after his headache, is the lack of wine. He seems not to be at all troubled about having
been taken prisoner.

IC (13) IC (14)

He assumes his captors will behave in a civilised manner.

IC (15) IC (18)

They do, at least, feed him!

IC (24) IC (26)

Then Wamba arrives, disguised as a priest, come to hear their last confessions, and the danger finally seems
to dawn on Athelstane.

IC (28) IC (35)

Wamba offers to stay, and face possible execution in Cedric’s place. Cedric wants to let Athelstane, the last
great Saxon hope, escape instead, but Wamba will only stay to save Cedric’s life. Athelstane is a bit put out.

IC (43) IC (44)

But he accepts that the Fool loves his master more, and that Cedric will be a better at getting help than he will.
They say their farewells.

IC (48) IC (50)

Front de Boeuf (John Rhys-Davies) is furious when he finds out that the switch has been made, but King Richard
and Robin Hood are already advancing on the castle with their forces.

IC (59) IC (66)

De Boeuf offers Athelstane his freedom in exchange for telling the rescue party to withdraw. Athelstane
demands that the Fool be allowed to leave with him, and de Boeuf agrees.

IC (76) IC (83)

But then de Boeuf and his allies, de Bracy (Stuart Wilson) and Guilbert (Sam Neill) remind Athelstane
that they are still holding Rowena.

IC (106) IC (102)

They have no intention of letting her go.

IC (111) IC (98)

Athelstane resolves to die rather than leave without her, potentially sentencing the Fool to death along
with him. He challenges the Normans to take on Richard and Robin Hood.


IE IE (4)

When the rescue party storms the castle, Athelstane and Wamba escape.

IE (8) IE (14)

Athelstane finds a sword, and tries to fight.

IE (17) IE (19)

But he is knocked over by a horse. After the battle, no one can find him, and he is presumed dead.


IR (4) IR (2)

A funeral has just been held for Athelstane, when he appears, terrifying Rowena and her attendant (Chloe Franks).

IR (19) IR (20)

He assures them he was not struck a mortal blow, but was merely dazed, and wandered off into the woods,
where a shepherd cared for him. Rowena and Ivanhoe (Anthony Andrews), who were hoping they could now
marry, are less than pleased to see him.

IR (33) IR (42)

As usual, Athelstane’s first thought is about food. Cedric informs him that King Richard (Julian Glover)
attended his funeral.

IR (47) IR (27)

Athelstane is honoured, and immediately acknowledges the Norman ruler – much to Cedric’s chagrin.

IR (52) IR (55)

At last, Athelstane stands up to Cedric, telling him he won’t help ‘liberate’ the Saxons.

IR (72) IR (68)

He also admits – “The Lady Rowena has never cared for me. She does, in fact, love the smallest finger on the
hand of Ivanhoe more than my whole person.”

IR (62) IR (66)

He formally renounces his claim on her, in favour of Ivanhoe.

IR (81) IR (82)

He then asks whether they may eat, at last!

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