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Our Man in Tegernsee: screencaps

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Nov. 19th, 1984 | 10:00 pm

OMiT OMiT (10)

Karl Portillo (Michael Gothard) is not happy with one of his associates, Werner Mueller (Jonathan Coy).

OMiT (8) OMiT (16)

Having found some old counterfeiting plates, Portillo intends to go through with an old Nazi plot to undermine
the US currency, by flooding the market with fake US dollars. His neo-Nazi friends in Paraguay are waiting
to take power.

OMiT (23) OMiT (24)

But Mueller has been spending some of the money before the time is right, and drawn the attention of the
German authorities, and of an American agent known as “Scarecrow”, whose partner, Mrs King, was passed some
of the counterfeit notes.

OMiT (37) OMiT (46)

Mueller assures Portillo that he will ‘take care’ of the two Americans.

OMiT (51) OMiT (53)

Portillo is doubtful of this, as Mueller can’t even take care of himself. Chillingly, Portillo tells him he is a liability.

OMiT (54) OMiT (58)

Another US agent, Harry Hollinger (Joris Stuyck), who resents being posted in Tegernsee, and has been working
with Portillo, tells him that he has killed Mueller for his incompetence.

OMiT (59) OMiT (63)

He says that ‘Scarecrow’ needs to be dealt with in the same way, but he needs Portillo’s help to accomplish this.

OMiT (67) OMiT (70)

They lure Scarecrow to an isolated sawmill, intending to kill him. But Scarecrow has brought back-up, in
the form of local police Lt. Volkenauer (Stuart Wilson). Portillo is out-gunned.

OMiT (73) OMiT (75)

Portillo tells Volkenhauer that they are both on the same side – both German. But Volkenhauer says he has
enjoyed foiling Portillo’s plot, and arrests him.

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