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16 January 1985: Lytton's Diary, episode 2: Daddy's Girls

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Jan. 16th, 1985 | 08:00 pm

In ‘Lytton’s Diary’, Peter Bowles plays a London gossip columnist, investigating the lives of the rich and powerful.

This episode, 'Daddy’s Girls', was broadcast on 16 January 1985.

Per. DVD talk: "Neville Lytton is now the gossip Diary Editor of The Daily News. He spends the day with his estranged wife, Catherine, and Laura, his girlfriend, is not amused. Meanwhile, on the work front, Lytton aims to find out if a merchant banker who disapproves of his daughter's relationship with a record producer, has something in his past that he is trying to hide."

Michael Gothard plays the record producer - and, as it turns out, drug dealer - Jake Cutler, who is seeing little rich girl Belinda Phillips. However, Lytton ends up investigating Belinda’s father, so Jake very soon disappears from the story.

The episode was directed by Peter Sasdy, who also directed Michael in 'The Sweet Scent of Death', and the two pilot episodes of ‘Arthur of the Britons,’ ('Arthur is Dead' and 'Daughter of the King').

Peter Sasdy said of Michael Gothard: ‘I thought of him as a very interesting actor, with strong personality and in the right part he’d always give a good performance.’

Peter Bowles, creator and star of ‘Lytton’s Diary’, had appeared with Michael as greasy chieftain Hecklar in ‘Rowena’ (‘Arthur of the Britons’ episode).


Lytton's Diary (3) Lytton's Diary (5)

There is a scene where Jake and Belinda attend a society party.

Lytton's Diary (7) Lytton's Diary (9)

They seem to be having a good time, but then Belinda's father’s chauffeur appears.

Lytton's Diary (10) Lytton's Diary (11)

He tells Belinda it's time to go home, and they are hassled by a reporter taking photos.

Lytton's Diary (12) Lytton's Diary (13)

One of the pictures later comes into Lytton's hands.

Lytton's Diary (16) Lytton's Diary (19)

A little later, there is a rather charming scene in Jake Cutler's residence, where he is helping Belinda learn to
play the piano.

Lytton's Diary (20) Lytton's Diary (21)

Then we see him drop her off at her home, and tell her to make sure she practises, and that is the last we
see of him.


Series review on DVD talk

Watch extracts, including Michael Gothard's scenes as Jake Cutler on Youtube.

IMDB entry

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