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2 October 1985: Minder, season 6, epiosde 5: From Fulham, with Love

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Oct. 2nd, 1985 | 08:00 pm

'Minder' was a very popular series in the 1980s, featuring the adventures of loveable cockney "businessman" Arthur Daley (George Cole) and his bodyguard or “minder’ Terry (Dennis Waterman).

In episode 5 of season 6, first broadcast on 2 October 1985, Michael Gothard was cast as Russian seaman, Sergei.

Michael gets a decent amount of screen-time in this 50 minute episode, and seems to have fun in the mostly comic role.

Season 6 was the last to feature Dennis Waterman. The consensus among fans of the show is that by this time, the series was running out of ideas, had lost its edge, and relied too much on guest stars; Michael Gothard and Rula Lenska appear in this episode.

This was the second time Michael had worked with Dennis Waterman; in “Up the Junction”, Michael played Terry, a friend of the hero, Pete, played by Waterman.

The episode was filmed in London, and some of the locations for the episode have been identified, by a fan known as nry, as being in and around Lot’s Road, SW10.

Plot synopsis from Minder.org

Arthur is reluctantly forced to give 'er indoors’ nephew Nigel – a scruffy punk who has a swastika tattooed on his forehead and is seemingly hopeless at everything he does, apart from sewing which he learned at detention centre – a job.

Arthur is also approached by Ernie, who has got to know some of the Russian seaman currently docked in London. Ernie’s new business partner, Russian sailor Sergei, is very keen on buying plenty of goods from Arthur in order to resell them back in Russia to turn a profit for himself.

Arthur gets Nigel to start sewing some motifs on the gear he wants to sell Sergei.

All seems to go to plan until Arthur is paid in roubles, which he soon discovers he is unable to exchange at the bank.

When Sergei decides to take a day out up west with Ernie, the attractive Natasha, the Russians ship’s bosun and political officer, tracks down Arthur and Terry, as she believes that Sergei is about to defect.

Worried that not helping may lead to difficulties with KGB, Arthur agrees to do his best to track down Sergei.

Meanwhile Chisholm, who has arrested Arthur’s nephew Nigel, finally catches up with Arthur, Terry and the Russians, arresting them all on the spot.

As soon as they have been arrested, they are quickly released under the instruction of DCI Norton, who wants to avoid a possible diplomatic incident.

Watch extracts, including Michael Gothard's scenes as Sergei on Youtube.

Minder.org website

IMDB entry

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