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From Fulham With Love: screencaps

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Oct. 2nd, 1985 | 09:00 pm

FFWL (3) FFWL (10)

Sergei (Michael Gothard) waits in the pub, and is pleased to see his new friend Ernie (Joe Melia).

FFWL (18) FFWL (24)

Ernie introduces Sergei to his friends Terry (Dennis Waterman) and Arthur Daley (George Cole). Sergei negotiates
the purchase of some merchandise.

FFWL (27) FFWL (34)

Natasha (Rula Lenska), the Bosun and Political Officer from Sergei’s ship turns up; Sergei knows he has to watch
what he says around her. She wouldn’t look with favour on his plans to smuggle tee-shirts back to the USSR.

FFWL (38) FFWL (40)

Ernie decides to show Sergei a good time in London.

FFWL (43) FFWL (45)

They go on a pub crawl.

FFWL (47) FFWL (50)

Sergei has decided he wants to stay in London. Meanwhile, Arthur has found he can't use the roubles Sergei
gave him, and wants to meet. But Sergei is in no fit state by now.

FFWL (58) FFWL (61)

Sergei and Ernie end up in a pub belonging to Dave (Glynn Edwards): a friend of Arthur's.

FFWL (63) FFWL (70)

Terry and Arthur finally catch up with them.

FFWL (74) FFWL (76)

Sergei insists he wants to stay in London. Terry is on his side, but Arthur is worried they will get into trouble
with the KGB.

FFWL (80) FFWL (90)

Then Natasha catches up with them. She reminds Sergei of his family and friends back in the USSR.

FFWL (92) FFWL (99)

Sergei reluctantly agrees to return to his ship; then the whole lot of them are arrested, as part of the ongoing
feud between Arthur and the local constabulary.

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