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Going Undercover/Yellow Pages: screencaps

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Jun. 17th, 1988 | 09:00 pm

YP YP (3)

When Marigold De La Hunt's friend Stephanie, and private detective Henry Brilliant, come looking for the missing
heiress, Strett (Michael Gothard) is expecting them. He thanks them for turning up.

YP (8) YP (7)

Henry (Chris Lemmon) and Stephanie (Nancy Cartwright) are kidnapped, but the villains, Strett and Mrs Van Der
Reuter (Elizabeth Spriggs) seem quite genial, chatting about the scenery.

YP (14) YP (16)

They get through a police checkpoint without too much trouble.

YP (19) YP (23)

Henry and Stephanie jump out of the car; only Henry Brilliant is recaptured.

YP (26) YP (24)

There is a bizarre moment when, as if this is a family road trip, the kidnappers start singing a little ditty,
and Henry joins in.

YP (29) YP (34)

They ferry Henry to a yacht belonging to Marigold’s evil stepmother, Maxine De La Hunt.

YP (37) YP (35)

Strett smokes in the background while Henry is interrogated.

YP (49) YP (43)

Strett and Maxine (Jean Simmons) confine Henry below decks with Marigold (Lea Thompson).

YP (51) YP (58)

Later, Strett pursues the escaped Henry and Marigold around the Tivoli Gardens. Here, see sees them on the
roller-coaster, then finds himself a seat.

YP (59) YP (71)

Apparently even the bad guys get scared on fairground rides; especially when they see a sticky end approaching,
and it's too late to duck.

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