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Making music

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Apr. 2nd, 1984 | 04:00 pm

In an interview that appeared in ‘X’-Films Vol.3 No 1 in 1973, Michael is quoted as having said, “I play flute, jam around with other guys.”

Former girlfriend N.B. mentioned that during the time she was with him, 1984 - 87, Michael had jammed with fellow musicians, including Clive Bell.

In answer to my questions about these times, Clive had this to say:

"For about a year or so, Mike, myself, and a few others, used to meet for jam sessions, where we attempted to play jazz; it was very amateurish. We never played outside the house.

Mike used to play the sax, and sometimes the flute, while I played the piano.

Later, Mike found other more experienced or professional musicians, and for a while even studied jazz with the bass player Peter Ind. But after our first brief moments we never played music together again, although we were friends, and remained so until his death."

Memories from Xavier, another musician who jammed with Michael, can be found here.

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