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Destroying Angel/Sleep Well My Love: screencaps.

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Jan. 1st, 1990 | 09:00 pm

1 Arrival and deal 1 Arrival and deal (2)

Hit-man Ennio Volpe arrives on the scene.

1 Arrival and deal (4) 1 Arrival and deal (9)

Volpe and Reynold Turot discuss wines …

1 Arrival and deal (15) 1 Arrival and deal (14)

… and killing Reynold’s wife Maria, and her lover Tom Berto.

1 Arrival and deal (16) 1 Arrival and deal (17)

They have a further meeting to finalise arrangements.

1 Arrival and deal (19) 1 Arrival and deal (18)

Reynold mentions that he may have to tell his daughter, Siska, what is about to happen. Volpe advises against
any unscheduled changes of plan.

Showtime Showtime (3)

Having her own ideas on how events should pan out, Siska goes to meet Volpe on the night he plans to kill
Maria and Tom. He catches her and tests her mettle. She tells him that the killing must be moved forward
an hour.

Showtime (8) Showtime (10)

He agrees to let her assist him by blacking out the hotel at a pre-arranged time.

Showtime (11) Showtime (14)

While Volpe climbs up the side of the hotel to the balcony of Maria’s room, Siska sends her father to that very
room under false pretences.

Showtime (13) Showtime (15)

Volpe waits until Siska turns off the lights. Maria hears a noise outside.

Showtime (18) Showtime (19)

Having despatched both Maria and Reynold, Volpe returns to Reynold’s car to make a getaway. Tom Berto,
mistaking Volpe for Reynold, tries to kill him.

Showtime (20) Showtime (22)

Volpe doesn’t like changes of plan; he’s been paid to kill Tom, so that is what he intends to do, despite
Siska pleading for his life.

Showtime (23) Showtime (24)

Volpe shoots Berto, and promises Siska not to charge her for that bullet.


Apologies for the poor quality of these screencaps; the film is not available on DVD, so these are taken from a VHS rip.

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