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Frankenstein: screencaps

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Dec. 29th, 1992 | 10:00 pm

Ice (3) Ice (18)

A party of seamen from a ship trapped in the Arctic ice witnesses a furious chase – two men on sleds drawn by
teams of huskies, the one in pursuit of the other. They wonder how the men got here, because the nearest
town, Arkangel, is 1000 miles away.

Ice (5) Ice (8)

Apparently both man are intent on killing each other. The one being pursued loses control of his sled, and the
Captain (Roger Bizley) orders his crew to fire on the pursuer.

Ice (10) Ice (11)

The Bosun (Michael Gothard) and the others scare him off, then go to see whether his intended victim is still alive.

Ice (13) Cabin (2)

The Bosun declares that he lives. Once back on board the ship, the Bosun tells the Captain that the man has a
dislocated shoulder.

Cabin (5) Cabin (6)

Once he has fixed that, the Captain tells the Bosun to give the man some whiskey – a flask of which Bosun
produces from his coat pocket. The man introduces himself a Dr Victor Frankenstein (Patrick Bergin.)

Cabin (14) Cabin (20)

Dr Frankenstein asks whether they have canon. Bosun replies that they have 20-pounders, and is incredulous
at the suggestion that they will need them to fend off one man.

Crew Crew (2)

The Bosun berates one of the crew when he catches him asleep, and sends him to get food for the guest.

Crew (6) Crew (7)

Some of the crew, led by Zorkin (Marcus Eyre) confront the Bosun, saying there must be a town nearby, and
demanding to know why they weren’t told of it.

Crew (12) Crew (16)

The Bosun assures them that there is no civilisation nearby, and draws a weapon to emphasize the point. Then
the first crew member points to where the man who was pursuing their guest has camped, and made a fire.

Waiting (3) Waiting (22)

When the Captain has heard Dr Frankenstein’s tale, he tells the Bosun to keep their guest company. When he
returns, he tells them he has sent a party of men to make sure that Frankenstein’s monstrous creation can
pose no threat to his ship.

Waiting (23) Waiting (13)

Dr Frankenstein is worried, but Bosun assures him that Zorkin and his men know what to expect.

Waiting (16) Waiting (18)

The Bosun offers the Captain more rum, and they drink an ironic toast to Zorkin.

Waiting (24) Waiting (31)

Bosun tells Frankenstein that Zorkin has killed a man in every port, which is why he sails on this ship with them –
he can’t set foot on land.

Ice breaks (2) Ice breaks

As dawn breaks, the Bosun and the Captain are keeping a look out for Zorkin and the rest of their men.

Ice breaks (11) Ice breaks (13)

They are astonished to see them, dead on the ice, and being devoured by the Monster’s pack.

Ice breaks (15) Ice breaks (22)

Then the ice starts to break; the Bosun tells Doctor Frankenstein that the ship will soon be free – they will be
safe from the Monster.

Ice breaks (23) Ice breaks (25)

But the Monster (Randy Quaid) manages to reach the ship before it breaks free. Locked in mortal combat, Dr
Frankenstein and his creation plunge into the sea together. The Bosun orders the crew to launch a boat.

Ice breaks (27) Ice breaks (30)

The Captain tells the Bosun it’s too late; no one could survive in these icy waters. The Bosun looks regretfully at
the place where the two of them went under.

Ice breaks (32) Ice breaks (35)

As he contemplates the diary Dr Frankenstein left in his keeping, the Captain tells the Bosun to set sail.

Ice breaks (43) Ice breaks (45)

The Bosun’s last words to his crew - and Michael Gothard's last words on film - are, “Come on, Lads! Look
lively! We’re going home!”

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