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Autographed photo: Michael Gothard as Kai

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Nov. 28th, 1973 | 04:50 pm

The last episode of "Arthur of the Britons" was first broadcast 28 November 1973.

Kai best regards

According to A.S., the daughter of one of Michael's close friends, Michael got to see most, if not all, of his fan mail, and answered it. He was lovely with fans, always giving autographs. He insisted that he only had work because of the people who wanted to see him. She remembers helping by writing out the envelopes in which he would send his replies, and signed photos.

Former girlfriend N.B. said, 'I remember that he talked about the fans he used to have after the TV series of "Arthur of the Britons" and that his picture was very sought after for a certain period of time.'

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