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The Machine Stops: screencaps

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Jan. 1st, 1970 | 02:03 pm

Conversation (2) Conversation (9)

Kuno (Michael Gothard) calls his mother Vashti (Yvonne Mitchell), and asks her to visit him; she is not very keen
on the idea. Vashti disapproves of her son’s rebellious attitude towards the way their lives are regulated by the
Machine; anyway, in this future dystopia, hardly anyone travels.

Exercise (9) Exercise (7)

Like everyone else, Kuno is usually confined to his cell, so his muscles are weak from lack of use. He tries to
strengthen them by moving things in his cell.

Exercise (11) Exercise (19)

At first, even the cushion feels heavy. Later, he is pleased to find that he can move his chair, though the effort
exhausts him.

Tunnels (5) Tunnels (7)

Moving the chair releases the door mechanism, so Kuno goes out into the tunnels to explore. He indulges in
a bit of vandalism.

Tunnels (9) Tunnels (11)

He manages to break through the walls, but then something approaches.

Tunnels (14) Tunnels (15)

He flattens himself against the wall until the machine has gone safely past.

Requests denied (6) Requests denied (7)

Back in his cell, he asks the Machine’s permission to become a father. The Machine refuses, on the grounds that
– at least compared to everyone else – he is physically strong: a characteristic which the Machine doesn’t want
to see passed on to future generations.

Requests denied (10) Requests denied (17)

Disappointed, Kuno then asks for a respirator, as this will allow him to visit the surface of the earth. He again
asks his mother to visit him.

Escape (2) Escape (5)

The respirator arrives, and Kuno goes to the escape route he found in the tunnels, and climbs to the surface.

Escape (9) Escape (15)

Once outside, he is delighted to breathe fresh air; he doesn’t need the respirator.

Escape (20) Escape (25)

He starts to explore, though he is still weak, and finds the air rather harsh.

Escape (30) Escape (32)

He wonders at the wide open spaces.

Escape (37) Escape (34)

He sees someone else – a girl (Lucy Hill); humans are not extinct on the surface, as he has been told.

Escape (38) Escape (39)

He gets a closer view of her, and she of him.

Escape (42) Escape (48)

He tries to reach her, but he is too weak, and falls back down the slope to the exit port.

Escape (53) Escape (60)

He tries to revive himself with air from inside. Then he realises he is in danger.

Escape (63) Escape (59)

The Machine wants to take him back. He tries to scramble away.

Escape (64) Escape (68)

The girl watches helplessly as he is ensnared.

Escape (73) Escape (77)

Kuno is dragged back underground.

Visitors (2) Visitors (8)

To Kuno’s surprise, his mother comes to visit him after all. He greets her affectionately, but she is quite cold
towards him. She is worried because he has been threatened with Homelessness.

Visitors (30) Visitors (33)

He tells her about his visit to the surface, and how wonderful it was outside.

Visitors (66) Visitors (68)

He feels connected to the past, and tells her that humans are still living there.

Visitors (78) Visitors (82)

He tells her that he found his own way out; this is against the Machine’s rules, and Vashti distances herself
from him.

Visitors (94) The Machine is stopping (3)

When she has gone, Kuno receives another visitor; we do not see who or what it is, or what it does to him.
Later, he calls Vashti again to tell her that respirators have been abolished. Even Vashti finds this unreasonable.

The Machine is stopping (5) The Machine is stopping (19)

He tells her that he thinks the Machine is stopping, because no one has the skills to repair it any longer.  Vashti
doesn’t want to believe him, but Kuno greets the demise of the Machine with joy.

Contact (2) Contact (6)

As things fall apart, Kuno leaves his cell, and goes to find his mother.

Contact (8) Contact (9)

She cowers in her cell, while Kuno makes his way past the occupants of other cells, most of whom are now
dying without the Machine to keep them alive.

Contact (19) Contact (21)

Kuno remembers his trip to the outside world, then he too lies down, dying.

Contact (25) Contact (32)

Vashti find him at the last. He tells her that mankind can now start afresh, and that they will never make this
mistake again.

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