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Arthur of the Britons, series 2, episode 9: Daughter of the King: screencaps

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Jun. 29th, 1972 | 11:18 pm

The second episode to be filmed, most of which is thought to have been shot in June or July, sees the friendship between Arthur (Oliver Tobias) and Kai (Michael Gothard) face a stern test. But first, this scene (shot later in the year) shows a cosy winter's day in the longhouse, where they are trapped by the weather.

Longhouse scene (6) Longhouse scene (19)

Arthur and Kai have been to the store-hut to collect some provisions. Llud (Jack Watson) greets them.

Longhouse scene (28) Longhouse scene (47)

Llud then complains that they haven’t brought more mead – the barrel is empty. They decide to compete at
throwing knives at a target board; the loser fetches the new barrel.

Longhouse scene (53) Longhouse scene (64)

Arthur puts Kai off by teasing him about his latest conquest, Lisa, who chose Kai over Arthur last night.
Then Llud takes a turn while they watch.

Longhouse scene (75) Longhouse scene (67)

Llud thinks Arthur’s aim is off because he is angry about Bavick, the leader of a neighbouring tribe, who has
been raiding and pillaging his fellow Celts.

Longhouse scene (80) Longhouse scene (81)

Llud wins, Arthur comes second; Kai has to fetch the mead.

Catching Eithna (3) Catching Eithna (4)

When the weather improves, they ride out, and see a group of armed men, and a horse running loose.

Catching Eithna (10) Catching Eithna (14)

Arthur rides off to catch the horse while Kai watches.

Catching Eithna (21) Catching Eithna (23)

Kai then goes to assist.

Catching Eithna (33) Catching Eithna (38)

The armed men turn out to be friends of Arthur’s, who have just been raided by Bavick.

Catching Eithna (47) Catching Eithna (45)

Their leader, Tugram, points out the owner of the loose horse, Bavick’s daughter Eithna.

Catching Eithna (51) Catching Eithna (49)

Arthur sends Kai to catch her.

Catching Eithna (53) Catching Eithna (56)

Kai is quick to comply.

Catching Eithna (58) Catching Eithna (62)

He chases her through the woods.

Catching Eithna (68) Catching Eithna (67)

She is trapped.

Catching Eithna (83) Catching Eithna (89)

She pulls a knife, but it’s no match for his axe.

Evening meal (3) Evening meal (13)

Kai wishes Eithna’s father Bavick a good night – because it will be his last. Meanwhile, Arthur tricks Eithna
into giving him vital information about her father.

Evening meal (37) Evening meal (51)

When Arthur comes out, Kai thinks he’ll try his luck with Eithna, but Arthur forbids him.

Evening meal (64) Evening meal (67)

Arthur plans to use Eithna to force Bavick to live peacefully with his Celtic neighbours.

Evening meal (55) Evening meal (74)

Eithna doesn’t like this idea – Kai has to restrain her when she rushes out and attacks Arthur.

Evening meal (85) Evening meal (93)

While Kai keeps hold of her, Arthur cuts off a lock of her hair to send to Bavick.

Lakeside talks (3) Lakeside talks (9)

Next morning, having resigned herself to captivity, Eithna sits by the lake to comb her hair. Kai spots her.

Lakeside talks (23) Lakeside talks (26)

They discuss Bavick’s and Arthur’s opposing beliefs. While Kai’s instinct is to agree with Bavick’s “might means
right” attitude, he claims he stays with Arthur because he wants to see whose beliefs are correct.

Lakeside talks (32) Lakeside talks (37)

Then Kai puts Bavick and Eithna’s philosophy into action; he is about to take what he wants when a messenger

Exchange and recapture (18) Exchange and recapture (21)

Arthur and Kai take Eithna to be exchanged for Llud, whom Bavick has taken prisoner.

Exchange and recapture (25) Exchange and recapture (24)

But Eithna allows Llud to seize her during the exchange.

Eithna plots (28) Eithna plots (39)

This time, Eithna is not too upset at being Arthur’s prisoner, apparently accepting that Arthur’s desire for
peace is more important than her father’s pride.

Eithna plots (43b) Eithna plots (45b)

She teases Kai, and tells him he can be of use to her.

Fight (2) Fight (9)

By the next morning, she has convinced Kai that she wants to stay with him. Arthur insists that she must return
home, to fulfill his bargain with Bavick.

Fight (23) Fight (28)

Kai is angry when Arthur puts Eithna on her horse, ready to leave. This is their first serious fight of the series.

Fight (45) Fight (53)

Fight (55) Fight (56)

Fight (59) Fight (63)

Fight (84) Fight (86)

Only when Arthur pulls a knife does Kai realise exactly how serious Arthur is about this.
He leaps to the conclusion that Arthur is jealous, and wants Eithna for himself.

Fight (97) Fight (101)

Arthur then gives up the fight; their friendship is worth more than his pledge to Bavick.

Fight (108) Fight (109)

Eithna reveals her true purpose: to find out whether Arthur has feelings for her. She assumes that the fight
proves that he does, but Arthur admits no such thing, calling her "a player of games."

Fight (112) Fight (137)

Kai is devastated at the way Eithna has used him, and it doesn't look as if Arthur will welcome her back to
his village, after the trouble she has caused between him and his right hand man.

Friends (9) Friends (6)

Arthur and Kai are unhappy to have quarrelled.  Llud gives Kai two horns of mead, to help patch things up.

Friends (13) Friends (22)

Kai takes the mead into Arthur's bedchamber.

Friends (29) Friends (43)

He throws a horn of mead in Arthur's face, then offers him the other, so he can reciprocate.

Friends (48) Friends (44)

This seems to do the trick.

Friends (51) Friends (54b)

They decide to drink the next two horns ...

Friends (55c) Friends (59)

... and the next, "until the barrel's dry."  No woman is going to come between them.

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