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Arthur of the Britons: letter concerning episodes 1 - 3

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Jan. 11th, 1973 | 12:00 am

On 11 January 1973, a letter from R.J. Simmons, Press Officer for HTV West, was published in The Stage.

Simmons was responding to a complaint that episode 3 of “Arthur of the Britons”, "The Challenge", broadcast on 20 December 1972, was difficult to understand. Simmons explained that this was because a Post Office fault caused the loss of sound during the first 8 minutes, resulting in the loss of much vital dialogue.

According to the letter, several companies showed that episode again later.

Simmons also reveals that the first and second episodes, “Arthur is Dead” and “A Gift of Life”, achieved no. 4 place in HTV’s top ten programmes.

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