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The Devils: screencaps

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Jul. 15th, 1971 | 12:05 am

GI (4) SJ (9)

This is the grand entrance of Professional Witch-hunter Father Barré (Michael Gothard). He arrives at the convent
in Loudun, accompanied by Father Mignon (Murray Melvin), and takes a seat between local dignitaries, the Baron
de Laubardemont (Dudley Sutton) and Trincant (John Woodvine).

SJ (7) SJ (6)

He asks about the health of Sister Jeanne (Vanessa Redgrave), then lays hands on her, and demands that the
demon possessing her declare itself. Getting no reply, he asks Sister Jeanne whether she remembers when her
thoughts turned to evil; she tells him about her romantic fantasy.

SJ (16) SJ (30)

The Baron de Laubardemont warns Father Barré that they could become a laughing stock; Father Barré in turn
warns Sister Jeanne of the danger to her immortal soul, should she persist in her corrupt ways.

SJ (42) SJ (55)

But she tells him more of her erotic delusions. The Baron believes these to be simply the manifestation of her
frustrations rather than demonic possession; nevertheless, Sister Jeanne is subjected to an examination by Adam
(Brian Murphy) – whose expertise is in the field of “chemical and biological manifestations” - and Ibert (Max Adrian)
who claims to be able to give medical advice.

SJ (63) SJ (67)

Once the so-called experts confirm that "she's been had", Father Barré goes ahead with the exorcism.

SJ (66) SJ (69)

SJ (91) SJ (75)

The whole proceedings take place in the presence of the good townsfolk of Loudun, and anxious nuns from Sister
Jeanne's convent.

SJ (72) SJ (79)

Sister Jeanne bites Father Barré, who cries out, "Christ protect me from the fangs of Satan!"

SJ (81) SJ (89)

The exorcism then takes place on the altar. Finally, Sister Jeanne names the man mentioned in her confessions as

SJ (103) SJ (105)

Father Barré and the Baron are satisfied with the result, and Trincant, whose daughter was got with child by Grandier,
is well pleased. They are all being used by Richelieu, who wishes to rob the town of Loudun of its independence, by
discrediting Grandier, its religious and political leader.

ITW (5) ITW (3)

The rest of the nuns are now accused of obstructing Father Barré, being in league with the devil, heresy and treason.

ITW (2) ITW (7)

The nuns are about to be executed when Father Barré receives word from God that they have been infected by sin
caught from Sister Jeanne.

ITW (16) ITW (15)

They plead with him to save them, and he calls a halt to the execution.

ITW (18) ITW (39)

As Father Barré goes to work, the Baron ironically remarks that these nuns wouldn't be the first to see the light.

ITW (26) ITW (25)

Father Barré demands that they renounce their devilish master Grandier.

ITW (30) ITW (38)

They seem willing to comply.

KJ KJ (15)

The "exorcism" - which looks increasingly like an orgy - continues.  Adam and Ibert examine samples from the nuns.
Among the children's ventricles and semen, Adam has found what - to Father Barré's bemusement - he declares to
be a carrot.

KJ (21) KJ (38)

King Louis XIII (Graham Armitage) arrives on the scene. He seems only mildly put out by the scenes of debauchery,
for which Father Barré apologises if he is to blame in any way.

KJ (50) KJ (56)

Father Barré tries to exorcise the demon Leviathan from a nun, using an object containing the Eucharist; he explains
that he is not speaking Latin, because some demons are uneducated.

KJ (65) KJ (69)

The sexual frenzy of the nuns continues unabated; the King then produces a box which he says contains a "pile"
of the blood of Christ, and asks Father Barré whether he thinks this could help.

KJ (81) KJ (86)

Father Barré is certain it would put the demons to flight.  He tries it out.

KJ (87) KJ (94)

The demons appear to depart; one of the nuns proclaims, "I'm free!"

KJ (100) KJ (105)

Father Barré appears transported; the King starts opening the box.

KJ (113) KJ (110)

The onlookers see the King reveal the inside of an empty box to Father Barré.

KJ (118) KJ (124)

Father Barré demands "What sort of trick have you played on us?" to which, to the amusement of the crowds, the
King responds "What sort of trick are you playing on us?" and then enjoins them to "Have fun!"

KJ (131) KJ (136)

Father Barré is somewhat at a loss, but the orgy continues by royal command.

KJ (140) KJ (144)

If anything, if becomes even more frantic.

KJ (146) KJ (149)

But Father Barré doesn't get to enjoy much more of it.

Trial Trial (3)

In this scene, Father Barré enjoins Sister Jeanne to save herself by publicly denouncing Grandier.

Trial (4) Trial (7)

Grandier appears, and berates Father Barré for seducing the people in order to destroy them. When Sister Jeanne
denounces him, Grandier warns her she will lose her soul, and Father Barré demands that he be arrested on a
charge of heresy.

The Trial (9c) Trial (11)

Having tried to hang herself, Sister Jeanne tells Father Mignon that Grandier is innocent after all; Father Barré says
this is just the devils within her speaking, and she needs more of his 'exorcism.'

Trial (17) Trial (18)

Grandier is subjected to a show trial, during which Father Barré spends most of his time consulting his book.

Trial (34) Trial (32)

Grandier is shaved and brought back for sentencing.  He proclaims his innocence of the charges.  The watching
crowd seem to be impressed with his conduct.  Barré calls him "Devil!  Witch!  Heretic!"

Trial (36) Trial (42)

He accuses Grandier of unrepentent pride, and - as the court is cleared - raves angrily at him.

Torture Torture (3)

Still determined to get a confession of guilt, Father Barré blesses the instruments of torture he is about to use for
the holy work.

Torture (7) Torture (9)

He tells Grandier that if he does not confess, his soul will be damned for eternity.

Torture (22) Torture (24)

Still claiming that he is exorcising evil spirits, Father Barré then smashes Grandier's legs, for the good of his soul.

Torture (27) Torture (28)

Father Mignon is clearly beginning to have his doubts, but urges Barré to greater efforts.

Torture (34) Torture (35)

Barré claims the devils inside Grandier must have made him insensitive to pain.

Torture (40) Torture (42)

Nevertheless, they make one last effort to make him sign a confession, and he passes out.

Execution (3) Execution (8)

Grandier is dragged through the streets of Loudun, with Father Barré following him.

Execution (14) Execution (15)

Barré kicks him every now and then, as he drags himself to the stake.

Execution (17) Execution (22)

Once there, Father Barré again demands that he confess.

Execution (24) Execution (27)

He refuses Grandier the Kiss of Peace.

Execution (45)Execution (54)

But the crowd demands it, so Father Barré charges Father Mignon with the task.

Execution (59) Execution (62)

He sets light to the pyre before the executioner has a chance to strangle Grandier, as he promised to do.

Execution (65) Execution (75)

Grandier dies, warning the townspeople that their city and freedom are in danger, while Father Barré continues to
accuse him of being a servant of the devil.

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