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20 September 1966: A Pretty Row of Pretty Ribbons

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Jan. 1st, 1970 | 01:30 pm

From: "The Stage" September 15 1966

"Theatrescope are to present 'A Pretty Row of Pretty Ribbons' by Brian Gear at the Little Theatre Club, Garrick Yard, from Monday to Friday of next week at 12:15 and 1:15.

The play was commissioned by BBC TV, and has been shown on the Western Region.

Michael Gothard and Lyndell Rowe are to appear in the Little production."

Review in The Times, 20 September 1966

A 20-minute play worth seeing

This 20-minute lunch-time production is the best thing Theatrescope have presented here for some time, and it is well worth a visit.

The slight plot is based on a familiar pattern. An odd visitor appears in a rich house with only the young daughter at home. If his arrival is strange, his visit soon begins to assume sinister undertones; and we soon find ourselves with the well-known situation of a menacing outsider bearing down on a claustrophobically enclosed victim. The familiarity of the situation, however, is relieved by strong and convincing dialogue; and at the end there is an unexpected twist which turns the familiar pattern into a disturbing and genuinely human confrontation.

The play was originally commissioned by B.B.C. Television but, it is said, it will not now be shown in London, which is a pity. However, it occupies this tiny stage with great ease. The two performances, bu Miss Lyndell Rowe and Mr. Michael Gothard, were neat and well turned out.

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