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1952: Haverstock School

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Jan. 1st, 1970 | 03:02 am

This is a photo of Haverstock School’s form 2K, 1951/2.

Haverstock 1952 2K
Photo courtesy of Patricia Ruff

Patricia Ruff (née Oakes) says: “Both my husband John Ruff and me are in this photo. Michael Gothard is the boy in the back row. He was form captain.”

Michael schoolfriend H. also identifies Michael as “standing 4th from right in the back row of the 1952 form 2K photo.” H. did not know Michael at that time, as he was in 2D, with Baz, who already knew Michael from when they were both at Princess Road Primary School.

However, Baz remembers Michael being in 2D with them, at least later on in 1952.

“The first time Michael shared a class at Haverstock with me was in 2D; I know for certain that he sat next to me for some months. I believe Michael may have started Haverstock life in a lower grade to that which he later aspired.1 He apppears in 2K’s photo and not 2D’s, because he was not elevated until later in the year.”


Both Baz and Patricia Ruff agree that Michael's form teacher in 2K was Mr Jones, whom Baz describes as “a card carrying communist ... He taught history as a specialty. He was never my form teacher but did take us for history. Very boring teacher who seemed to talk of nothing but the insidious Corn Laws, the Cato Street conspiracy and Castlereagh's term in leadership.”

Haverstock School 2D

This is the photo of form 2D, the class Michael joined later in 1952. Baz and H. remember that the form teacher was Miss Fraser.

Jean Orbell (née Miller) remembers: “The school tie was red & yellow and we wore navy jumpers or cardigans. Michael was in Kenilworth House (green colour). The rest were Camden (red), Primrose (yellow) and Maitland (purple)."

1 Classes were evidently banded or streamed.

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