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Warrior Queen: episode 2: screencaps

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Feb. 27th, 1978 | 12:00 am

WQ2 (6) WQ2 (5)

Boudicca (Sian Phillips) witnesses the destruction the Romans have perpetrated; the Romans have also had her
flogged, and raped her daughters.

WQ2 (8) WQ2 (14)

Volthan (Michael Gothard) tells her that it was for the best, because now she knows the truth – the Romans can
never be placated.

WQ2 (18) WQ2 (24)

He performs a ritual to protect the holy shrine.

WQ2 (28) WQ2 (37)

The rebellion is spreading but Volthan tells Boudicca she will have to answer to the gods for giving her husband
a Roman burial. Nevertheless, he is determined to help her unite the tribes and drive out the Romans.

WQ2 (39) WQ2 (48)

Then Morticcus (Tony Haygarth) arrives; he is head of a large tribe, and a rival for the leadership of the rebellion.
Volthan says the tribes will only follow Boudicca.

WQ2 (54) WQ2 (55)

Morticcus challenges Boudicca – he has more experience of fighting the Romans. He wants to attack Verulamium
but Volthan is in favour of starting at Camulodunum.

WQ2 (63) WQ2 (64)

Boudicca’s half-Roman son Kuno (Darien Angadi) offers to fight instead of Boudicca.

WQ2 (68) WQ2 (71)

But Kuno is hopelessly outmatched; Morticcus disarms him easily.

WQ2 (76) WQ2 (78)

Boudicca accepts a sacred offering from Volthan, which Morticcus refuses.

WQ2 (77) WQ2 (79)

Boudicca prepares to fight.

WQ2 (82) WQ2 (83)

The gods must have been on her side, because she is victorious – but Morticcus refuses to join forces and follow
her. Volthan regrets the loss of a powerful ally, and quietly asks the gods to join Morticcus’ path with theirs.

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