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A Tale of Two Cities: location

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Oct. 5th, 1980 | 09:00 pm

The scenes in "A Tale of Two Cities", in which Michael Gothard appeared as Gaspard, though set in France,
were filmed in Jersey. According to IMDB this was for reasons of economy.


The street scene was filmed at Elizabeth Castle, in St Aubin's Bay, just off Jersey's south coast.

Elizabeth Castle

The site where the filming took place is marked in red.

Eliz 2 Eliz screencao

The coach and horses used in Gaspard's scene must have been driven out to the castle across the beach at low
tide. A clip of people running down the street, which appears in the opening credits, was also filmed here.

from above small

The little alley was clearly big enough to get the coach down, but it must have been quite tight, with the actors,
the extras and the camera crew.

New long view small copy

The alley is closed to the public, but is visible from both ends and above. The wall to the right of the picture
received a lot of "dressing" for the shoot. To obscure the view of the castle, bits of cloth - presumably meant
to be people's washing - were hung across the street, and at one point a wooden structure was built across it.

A Tale of 2 Cities 1a A Tale of 2 Cities (15)

5 5b

The window was boarded up for the scene, but this is where Gaspard stood with his little girl and his friend.

A Tale of 2 Cities (5) 5c

13 A Tale of 2 Cities (13)

This is where Gaspard's little girl was run over by a coach.

A Tale of 2 Cities (18) 18


Thanks to James Wooldridge, and others at the Jersey Library, for help in identifying the filming location.

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