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La vallée: screencaps II

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Jul. 6th, 1972 | 07:40 pm

On the Road (9) On the Road (18)

They arrive at the airstrip where Viviane, once more clad in business attire, is to catch her plane back to the City.

While – true to his practical role on the expedition – Olivier works on the jeep, Gaetan admires a picture Viviane
is painting on the side, of a dragon, with the word "joie." He tries to goad her into staying with them on their
journey, expounding his opinions on dragons, demons and the life force, and telling the child he is holding that
Viviane "won't see the light." He tells Olivier that it's a shame Viviane is leaving them. Olivier's response is an
economical "Oui."

On the Road (23) On the Road (31)

Similarly, when the plane arrives, Gaetan says that Viviane is giving them good vibrations; Oliver simply says
"I'll get your things." He walks her to the plane, and kisses her goodbye.

Warning: some nudity

On the Road (35) On the Road (38)

The plane takes off, but is soon back again; Viviane has made the momentous decision not to go back to meet
up with her husband, but to travel on with the group, into the unknown.

On the Road (46) On the Road (48)

They welcome her back. Later, Olivier tells Viviane, "You scare me sometimes", and that he understands why
the old man gave her the feathers.

stopping (3) stopping (6)

When they stop for supplies, Gaetan explains to Viviane that they are venturing into a restricted area, while
Olivier finds out where they can get some horses for the latter part of their trip. Then Viviane and Gaetan pick
some fruit.

stopping (7) stopping (16)

Viviane wants to share the fruit with Olivier, but she finds him having sex with Hermine.

stopping (17) stopping (25)

Upset, she goes back to the jeep and smudges her painting, saying "there's no joy here" and that the holiday
is over.  Hermine comes and talks to her about free love. Viviane says that she doesn't love Olivier, and that
she wants to leave.  Hermine tells Viviane that the way she loves Olivier is selfish, and that love should be
boundless. She convinces Viviane to stay, and they kiss and make up.

stopping (31) stopping (32)

They are interrupted by a gunshot. They find a dead Bird of Paradise, shot by some hunters. Viviane refuses
to give up the body, saying they can kill her first. It doesn’t seem to occur to her that the birds, whose feathers
she was given by the old sorceror, may have been killed for them.

Transport problems (2) Transport problems (5)

Travel becomes more difficult.

Transport problems (8) Transport problems (12)

Olivier and Viviane try to buy some horses; unfortunately, the owners of the horses turn out to be the hunters
Viviane and Hermine argued with earlier. They say they haven't got any horses. Viviane is upset that she has
ruined the group's travel plans, and Olivier seems less than pleased. But Gaetan says he hates seeing birds
killed, and that he would have reacted the same way. Viviane suggest they go back and try again.

Transport problems (16) Transport problems (25)

She and Olivier return to the horse traders' ranch. This time, Viviane finds an obstacle her money can surmount.
Horses usually cost about $100. She gives Olivier everything she has – over $1,200 – and finds that paying more
than double the price overcomes her adversaries' reluctance to deal with her.

Transport problems (29) Transport problems (38)

Having secured their horses, they hide their van, and set off.

Meeting the Tribe (2) Meeting the Tribe (4)

They arrive at a mountain tribe's village, where they are greeted warmly. Olivier smiles and greets them in
return, but Gaetan – who has already removed his shirt –seems intent on becoming one with the local people.
They spend some time with the tribe.

Meeting the Tribe (21) Meeting the Tribe (35)

A gathering of the tribes is planned, and Gaetan and Hermine get decked out like the locals.

Meeting the Tribe (23)

Olivier makes no such concessions, but – clearly in some discomfort – watches the brutal slaughter of some

Meeting the Tribe (32)

Gaetan takes a central place among the local men, almost indistinguishable from them as he dances in the

Meeting the Tribe (42)

Olivier leads Viviane around the outskirts of the festivities.

Meeting the Tribe (49)

Here, Viviane has broken away from Olivier, and joined Gaetan in the dance.

Just Tourists

Later, she comes to find Olivier sitting apart, clearly disconsolate. She says it’s amazing how close they
have become to the local people. That they are almost like them, and she is happy to have found truth.

Just Tourists (4) Just Tourists (8)

Olivier says they are lying to themselves – their group are just tourists. Viviane doesn't understand.

Just Tourists (13) Just Tourists (17)

She becomes angry and upset at Olivier’s rejection of Gaetan's philosophy.

Olivier says, “It’s easy to dance with them, but could you work with these women? … They are even more
exploited Here than elsewhere and live in a society bound by very strict rules. It’s not like us. We’re trying
to break ours. When they dance it is not simply for pleasure. It is to obey something. They are dancing on
a cemetery – on their dead.

Just Tourists (20) Just Tourists (24)

Viviane says that everyone is happy here – they understand each other and everything is so simple. But Olivier
replies that it doesn’t mean much. Viviane is disappointed and says Olivier is just like her husband.

Olivier says: “We seek only after pleasure and maybe peace. They couldn’t care less about that. How can you
expect to have real relationships between us, who tear down our social restrictions and laws, and them, who
on the contrary live in terror and respect for taboos?"

Just Tourists (39) Just Tourists (54)

Viviane says they are discovering something different.

In the central argument of the film, Olivier says: “We can’t forget our past – undo our conditioning, as Gaetan
says. It’s not possible to decode oneself."

Just Tourists (66) Just Tourists (67)

He goes on, "Once it’s lost, innocence cannot be found again. Paradise is a place with many exits, but no
entrance. There’s no way back from knowledge. When you fall from grace it’s over. I wonder, to find it again,
whether we shouldn’t do the opposite of what we’ve done. If we should not take another bite out of the apple.”

Viviane has no answer to that, except to leave him.

Just Tourists (68) New Choices

As Olivier sits alone, Viviane decks herself out with the help of some local children.

New Choices (17) New Choices (24)

She goes to meet Gaetan. They drink from an ariel root, and then have sex. Viviane seems to have broken
free of her social restrictions.

Last Leg Last Leg (2)

They travel on, but have some difficulty finding the right route.

Last Leg (8) Last Leg (10)

Viviane asks where their destination is. In typical hippy double-speak, Gaetan says it's: "Further, further,
further ... very close."

He and Viviane then take a big risk, and release the horses to find their own way home, as Gaetan doesn't
think they will make it through the jungle. But they give the horses little chance of escaping serious injury,
chasing them away with their bridles still on, and their reins dangling.

Last Leg (16)

When Olivier emerges from the tent, he asks where the horses are.

"Finis! Partie!" Viviane replies blithely.

Olivier just says, in a worried tone, "He's really confused."

"Is something wrong?" Viviane asks, rather foolishly. We don't hear Olivier’s reply.

Last Leg (22) Last Leg (25)

They travel on through the jungle. Monique’s young son Jann, begins to complain for the first time; he asks
his mother: "Are we nearly there? When they will be there?" When they come out onto a high open plateau,
Hermine starts to feel dizzy. Gaetan dismisses her illness: "It's not serious – just the altitude." Olivier opens
their last packet of food and shares the contents around.

Last Leg (41) Last Leg (44)

As the mists come down around them, Olivier turns to Gaetan and says, in English – perhaps so that the
others won't understand: "You know we're not going to get out of this." Gaetan replies: "I know – but our
only chance is to go ahead."

Last Leg (53) Last Leg (54)

One by one, the group gives up, and lies down. Olivier is the last to settle down, after helping cover the
others with blankets.

Last Leg (58) Last Leg (59)

The mists clear and Viviane is the first to look out over the Valley.

Last Leg (64)

Their journey is over.

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