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Warrior Queen: episode 3: screencaps

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Mar. 6th, 1978 | 04:45 pm

vlcsnap-2013-11-14-00h58m18s58 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-00h58m21s86

Following Morticcus' departure, Boudicca (Siân Phillips) despairs, but Volthan (Michael Gothard) hasn't lost hope.
He quietly invokes the Horned God, Cernunnos, and asks him to join Morticcus' path with theirs.

WQ3 (1) WQ3 (2)

Meanwhile, Boudicca's daughter Tasca (Patti Love) has been captured by the Romans. Tasca is being questioned
by Catus Decianus (Nigel Hawthorne), who wants to know the size and disposition of Boudicca's forces. Tasca
tells him only that his time is running out.

WQ3 (4) WQ3 (7)

Boudicca's other daughter Camora (Veronica Roberts), who escaped capture, is running through the woods when
she happens to meet up with Morticcus (Tony Haygarth). He takes pity on her, and returns with her, to Boudicca's
camp. Seemingly in answer to Volthan's prayer, he joins forces with Boudicca after all.

WQ3 (10) WQ3 (11)

Volthan assures Camora that the Romans will not kill Tasca while she has vital information. Camora says that
Tasca will never tell the Romans anything, but Volthan says: "You haven't experienced Roman torture", perhaps
implying that he has.

WQ3 (21) WQ3 (23)

While Boudicca's half-Roman foster son Kuno goes to rescue Tasca, Boudicca consults Volthan. She says she
never wanted to be a military leader, but Volthan tells her it was prophesied. She asks whether these prophesies
say that she will win. She thinks the gods are mocking her. Volthan reminds her that she ignored his advice, and
offended the gods by giving her husband a Roman burial; he hints that Tasca's captivity is a result of this act of

WQ3 (28) WQ3 (27)

Boudicca asks what she can do. Volthan tells her to summon the gods and make a sacrifice to ensure victory.
She asks whether it will ensure Tasca's safety, but Volthan tells her that having entrusted the rescue to the
half-Roman, Kuno, she can not expect any help on that score.

WQ3 (31) WQ3 (30)

Kuno (Darien Angadi) seems perfectly at ease with Catus Decianus, and it becomes clear that he is an informer.
He offers to give the Roman leader information, and an escape route from Camulodunum, in exchange for Tasca's
life, and a commission in the Roman army. Catus Decianus accepts, and allows Kuno to 'rescue' Tasca.

WQ3 (35) WQ3 (36)

Volthan prays to the god of thunder, Taranis: "Give us a victory! The god needs Romans on his altar."

WQ3 (33) WQ3 (39)

During the ceremony, Kuno arrives back with Tasca.

WQ3 (51) WQ3 (54)

Volthan asks Cernunnos to let the seas rise and engulf the Romans; to let the statues fall and the rivers run
with blood.

WQ3 (56) WQ3 (57)

A soothsayer, who is secretly working for Boudicca, scares Catus Decianus with her predictions.

WQ3 (65) WQ3 (75)

Under cover of night, Boudicca's forces set to work. Knowing they are outnumbered, with little hope that
reinforcements will arrive, the Roman commander tries to bolster the spirits of his troops.

WQ3 (67) WQ3 (69)

Volthan prepares Tasca and Camora for the coming battle.

WQ3 (70) WQ3 (66)

He anoints their foreheads with his blood.

WQ3 (73) WQ3 (74)

The Iceni and their allies go to war.

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