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Warrior Queen: episode 4: screencaps

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Mar. 13th, 1978 | 12:00 pm

WQ4 (4) WQ4 (3)

Volthan (Michael Gothard) and Boudicca's army wait in the shadows, while Antonius (Manning Wilson) tries to
bolster the spirits of the Romans, in preparation for the onslaught they know is coming.

WQ4 (9) WQ4 (8)

A young soldier waits nervously; Boudicca (Siân Phillips) rouses her army.

WQ4 (11) WQ4 (13)

Volthan rides into battle alongside Boudicca's chariot. The Romans suffer heavy casualties.

WQ4 (15) WQ4 (17)

Catus Decianus (Nigel Hawthorne) makes good his escape from Camulodunum thanks to information supplied by
Kuno (Darien Angadi), the traitor in Boudicca's camp.

WQ4 (18) WQ4 (19)

Kuno kills Antonius, who knows that he is a collaborator, to stop Antonius from betraying him to the Iceni. Volthan
announces that the Iceni have taken Camulodunum, and that they are going to burn the temple of Claudius, where
the last of the Romans are hiding, to the ground.

WQ4 (23) WQ4 (22)

Kuno finds Volthan clutching a dead crow - apparently an ill omen - and asking the god Cernunnos what he has
done wrong, and whether there is some ritual he has neglected.

WQ4 (25) WQ4 (30)

Volthan tells Kuno that the Romans have invaded the Druid stronghold of Mona, and are massacring the members
of his order.

WQ4 (32) WQ4 (36)

Pointing a sword at Kuno, whom he seems feels is to blame, though he doesn't know of Kuno's collaboration,
Volthan asks whether the gods have deserted them, and tells him to "Remember Mona."

WQ4 (38) WQ4 (39)

The Romans, led by Suetonius Paulinus (Stanley Meadows) have indeed laid waste to the Druids, whom they call
"inhuman savages."

WQ4 (47) WQ4 (48)

Boudicca and her allies discuss their next move. Volthan complains that their undisciplined forces are running riot.

WQ4 (54) WQ4 (56)

Boudicca assures him they will be ready for their next battle, which will be against Paulinus. Volthan hopes the
gods guide Paulinus to his hands, so he can avenge the massacre on Mona.

WQ4 (52) WQ4 (59)

As Kuno departs on another important mission, Volthan, clearly suspicious of him, tells Boudicca she gives him
too much responsibility.

WQ4 (65) WQ4 (68)

Boudicca's daughter Camora (Veronica Roberts) finds one of the two men who accompanied Kuno dead, the
other dying - by Kuno's hand. Meanwhile Paulinus is annoyed to find that the leader of the Second Legion is
has refused to leave Glevum to join forces with him.

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