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A Tale of Two Cities: Jersey Evening Post report

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May. 15th, 1980 | 11:56 am

It is rather disappointing that Michael Gothard - whose scenes in "A Tale of Two Cities" were two of those filmed in Jersey - is not mentioned in this article, but it nevertheless gives some background to the shoot.

Island helps to tell "A Tale of Two Cities"

Trinity Manor was taken back in time yesterday when the BBC began filming of Charles Dickens's classic, "A Tale of Two Cities." Jersey is being used for some location shooting and when the crew have finished they will move to Elizabeth Castle.

It was quite a sight to watch a horse [sic] and four galloping down the drive of the manor, with a heavily made-up man sitting inside, sporting a flamboyant white and pig-tailed wig. The manor is being used as the country residence of Le Marquis, a character in the story. It took three takes of the simple trip up the drive before the cameraman, Elmer Cossey and the director, Michael E. Bryant, were happy.

One scene entails a man hanging on underneath the carriage as it is driven at top speed. The man is the father of a peasant boy who was run over by Le Marquis' coach, and he manages to get into Le Marquis' residence, where he murders him. Stuntman, Terry Forrestal did not look too concerned as he was strapped on to the coach by rope, and then clung on for dear life with his feet. Just before filming started, Terry was attended to by costume designer Diana Colins, whose job was to sprinkle plenty of fuller's earth on him to give a dusty, road-weary effect.

Another task for the scene was to clear the ready-made drive of any tell-tale car tyre tracks that might have made the occasion look far from period. The Seigneur of Trinity, Senator John Riley, was present to record the novel happenings at his manor home with his own camera.

The general feeling of the crew seemed to be one of delight with the setting, and at the end of the week it will be on to Elizabeth Castle, which is being used as the Bastille and for some shots of the streets of Paris.

The cast includes Paul Shelley, who acted in the BBC series, "Secret Army", which Michael Bryant also directed.

JEP May 1980

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