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13 April 1967: The Machine Stops (repeat)

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Jan. 1st, 1970 | 02:30 pm

"The Machine Stops" was repeated, shown this time on BBC1, where it would have been seen by a much wider audience.

From the Radio Times: 13 April 1967 (BBC1 Repeat)

Yvonne Mitchell stars in the first of this series of science-fiction stories repeated from BBC-2


SCIENCE fiction is in. Sales of paper-back and hard-back books are booming. More and more science-fiction stories are reaching the cinema screen as a growing number of writers, on both sides of the Atlantic, find that an imaginative leap into the future is an ideal device for putting across their comments, witty or serious, on life today.
In the last two years, BBC 2 has helped to satisfy this new appetite with Out of the Unknown, a series of original plays and dramatisations of popular stories.

Now, viewers of BBC 1 can see six of the best of these in a selection which shows off the wide variety of subjects and treatments possible. Subjects include the fascinating relationship of robots to man, a new answer to the problem of old age, the Wild West re-created by modern electronics, and life as it will be lived after the Bomb. Treatments range from off-beat comedy to terrifying realism.

The series opens with The Machine Stops, a frightening prediction about the future of man in a machine age, which is even more topical today than it was over forty years ago, when E. M. Forster wrote the short story on which this is based.

Yvonne Mitchell and Michael Gothard were highly praised by the critics for the moving performances of the two leading parts, Vashti and Kuno, when this programme was first shown.

Original article by MICHAEL IMISON

The Machine Stops 3

It must have had yet another showing, because it was described in The Times, on 18 July 1967:

"As the son, Michael Gothard is able and promising in his first television part."

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