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Philip Saville remembers Michael Gothard

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Jan. 1st, 1970 | 01:15 pm

When shown these extracts, Philip Saville remembered Michael as a "lovely man.”

He also wrote: “I think my observations of Michael led me to believe he was two people. By that, I'm not talking bipolar; rather, what his appearance gave to the screen was not the same as what was within.

Outwardly, he was like an elegant poet, but beneath, there was a cauldron of uncertainty which gave him a tortuous demeanour. Unfortunately this gave casting a problem. So he was considered not a leading man, which he was, but an oddball villain of sorts, which at times were much admired.

Actors need to work so he pursued these frequent offers. But actors, like all true artists, need to develop their craft and talent.

He was a very special person and probably would in time have found a way to be true to himself … Sadly, he chose another way.”

Also: “Watching him on screen brought a big smile to my face.”

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