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31 October 1966: Thirty-Minute Theatre, season 2, episode 5: The Excavation

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Jan. 1st, 1970 | 02:05 pm

"The Excavation" was adapted by James Ferman, from Alfred Hayes’ novel, “The Gondola.”

In this psychological drama, a wealthy civil rights lawyer tries to get the truth from two witnesses who perjured themselves at a murder trial.

Michael appeared as one of the witnesses, Grady, in a cast of three: the other players being David Bauer as the lawyer, Justin, and Natasha Pyne as Grady's partner, Jackie.

The half-hour episode was broadcast on BBC2 at 8:35 pm on Monday 31 October 1966.

The Radio Times plot synopsis reads:

"'The jury gave a verdict, mister. But you came here. Why? Because I was off a chain gang and Jackie used to hustle.'

An American lawyer challenges the evidence given by a young couple, which has led to the conviction of two boys for rape and murder."

It is not known whether this episode is still in existence. Per Wolf Solent on IMDB, 11 December 2011: “This has now at least been found, and was recently shown as part of one of the BFI's Missing Believed Wiped events.”

However, Lisa Kerrigan at the BFI has found no trace of this.

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