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1950 - 54: memories from Janice Xanthou

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Jan. 1st, 1970 | 03:01 am

Lisa Collender kindly offered this information from her mother, who was in the same year as Michael at Haverstock School.

“My mum is in her late 70s. Her name was Janice Xanthou. She recalled he was very quiet, and lived in Primrose Hill with his mother. A very pleasant young man.

She said that when they were very young - about 13 years old, in their first class, about 1950/51 - she once went to the pictures with him, at a cinema near Primrose Hill. He had asked her out on a 'date' but dating then wasn't as it is now.

This is a photo of her school dance at Haverstock Hill School in 1953/54; Michael is in the very background. They were both captains of their class!"

Janice Xanthou's photo

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