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Warlords of Atlantis: production notes

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Jan. 1st, 1978 | 12:00 am

Cast list from the Production Notes

Cast from production notes

Notes on Michael Gothard and his character


Accomplished and distinctive looking Michael Gothard has been chosen for one of the most outstanding roles in the new John Dark/Kevin Connor action adventure film for EMI Films, “Warlords of the Deep”.

In this original story by Brian Hayles, which combines all the intriguing characteristics of the late nineteenth century fantasy fiction writers, Michael Gothard portrays Atmir, a higher being who represents authority over the captured worker-prisoners in the lost underwater city of Atlantis.

In contrast to their ragged apparel, a relic of their seafaring days before they were dragged underwater by a new interpretation of the Bermuda Triangle, Atmir is dressed in a combination of Aztec and Egyptian style, iridescent, simple and luxurious.

When two marine explorers, portrayed by Doug McClure and Peter Gilmore, find themselves stranded in the sunken city after being snatched from the world of ordinary mortals in the coils of a giant octopus, it is Atmir who seeks to control them purely through his occult powers of mind over matter without recourse to violence.

Born in June 24th, 19471, Michael Gothard started acting in his early twenties. He began by studying under American drama coach, Robert O’Neill, at his Theatre Workshop for two years.

He then went on to play the lead in an English feature film, “Hero Stratus” made by an Australian which won several prizes in the sixties.

Michael Gothard has since played prominent roles in innumerable TV drama programmes including “Up The junction” and the series, “The Warrior Queen”.

His screen credits include such successful prestige feature films as Ken Russell’s “The Devils”, “The Last Valley” and Dick Lester’s “The Four Musketeers”.

The part of Atmir, section councillor of the elite lost civilisation of Atlantis seeking the “energy” with which to return to the mother planet of Mars marks a complete departure from the ordinary for Michael Gothard.

Further notes

Other leading male roles are played by … SHANE RIMMER … as Captain of the ship that is finally straddled by the giant octopus and MICHAEL GOTHARD as Atmir the figure of authority, who takes command of the party and herds them across the waterlogged, monster-infested causeway which links the ruins of the third city to Vaar.

Plot from Production notes Plot from production notes (2)

1 Michael was born on 24th June 1939, not 1947. It is not known whether this reduction in his age was deliberate or just an error.

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