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June 1967: The Further Adventures of the Musketeers - screencaps, episodes 3 - 9

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Jan. 1st, 1970 | 03:46 pm

Episode 3: Conspiracy

Michael Gothard’s first appearance in “The Further Adventures of the Musketeers”, as the son of Milady, Mordaunt
John Francis de Winter, occurs just over 4 minutes into episode 3, “Conspiracy.”

After Athos tells his comrades that he still suffers guilt over the death of Milady de Winter, and that her son is never
far from his thoughts, we see Mordaunt in a meadow, thanking God for leading him to the spot where his mother
was foully slain.

Conspiracy (2) Conspiracy (3)

Conspiracy (5) Conspiracy (6)

He sinks to his knees, and swears to find, and take revenge upon, the unknown criminals responsible for her murder.

Conspiracy (11) Conspiracy (14)

Conspiracy (21) Conspiracy (28)

Episode 4: Conflict

Twelve minutes into episode 4, “Conflict”, Mordaunt makes another brief appearance. He is seen in church, asking
the Mother of God to help him find his own mother’s killers. Otherwise, he vows to pray to the Devil, instead.

Conflict (6) Conflict (15)

Episode 5: Peril

Towards the end of episode 5, “Peril”, Mordaunt is on the scene, disguised as a monk, when an old man, known
as “The Butcher of Lille”, is mortally wounded by invading Spanish soldiers. D’Artagnan is also present. He knows
the old man for the one who, on his and the Musketeers’ instructions, killed Milady. He has a bed made up for the
dying man, and, not knowing the identity of the “monk”, asks him to take the confession.

Peril (1) Peril (5)

Peril (8) Peril (13)

Mordaunt refuses, but when he hears that it’s the Butcher of Lille, he hurries to the bedside.

Peril (27) Peril (43)

The old man confesses that he gave up his post as executioner, because he felt that when, on the orders of four
men, and an Englishman, he killed Milady, he was serving private vengeance rather than the law.

Peril (67) Peril (83)

Peril (98) Peril (93)

The Englishman, Mordaunt realises, was his uncle, Lord de Winter, but when he demands the names of the other
four, the old man doesn’t know, and when he expresses the opinion that Milady was a monster, Mordaunt reveals
his identity.

Peril (109) Peril (107)

Peril (120) Peril (116)

Peril (127) Peril (126)

He tells the old man that, as he is about to die without confessing to a genuine holy man, he is damned. Saying,
“Here’s my absolution!” he stabs him, escapes out of the window, and flees the scene on horseback.

Peril (128) Peril (136)

Before he dies, the old man tells D’Artagnan to warn his friends that Mordaunt will find them. As Mordaunt rides
away, D’Artagnan fires a shot after him, but misses.

Peril (140) Peril (142)

Episode 6: Abduction

At the start of episode 6, “Abduction”, we see Mordaunt heading for Paris, on horseback. Athos, who still feels
guilty about killing Milady, tells the other Musketeers that Mordaunt “comes in the name of God.” The Musketeers
warn Lord de Winter that Mordaunt is on their trail. De Winter reveals that Mordaunt has risen high in Cromwell’s
service; he believes his nephew is now in Paris.

Abduction (1c) Abduction (1b)

In his capacity as Cromwell’s envoy, Mordaunt has a meeting with Cardinal Mazarin, and demands that King
Charles I of England should be refused sanctuary in France, should he request it.

Abduction (2) Abduction (5)

Abduction (9) Abduction (32)

Mordaunt suggests that if they refuse to remain neutral, Cromwell would make war on France, and France has enough
troubles of her own already.

Abduction (53) Abduction (52)

Mordaunt wants to remain in Paris until Mazarin has an answer for him. He intends to spend time making further
enquiries about his mother’s killers. But Mazarin, reluctant to be seen negotiating with an envoy of Cromwell, tells
him to go to Boulogne to await his reply.

Abduction (65) Abduction (66)

Meanwhile, Athos, Aramis and Lord de Winter decide to set off for Boulogne, take passage to England, and fight
on King Charles’ side. As de Winter is leaving, he bumps into Mordaunt.

Abduction (68) Abduction (69)

Abduction (81) Abduction (74)

They have a brief swordfight, but Mordaunt backs off, saying he won’t kill de Winter now, because he means to use
him to find the other four conspirators.

Abduction (90) Abduction (88)

Episode 7: The Boy King

About nineteen minutes into episode 7, “The Boy King”, Mordaunt is briefly seen, at the port of Boulogne.

The Boy King (2) The Boy King (3)

Here, Mordaunt happens to hear Athos and Aramis talking about Lord de Winter, and so learns that they are working

The Boy King (4) The Boy King (8)

This must be where he begins to suspect them of being involved in the death of Milady.

The Boy King (10) The Boy King (14)

Episode 9: Escape

About eighteen minutes into episode 9, “Escape”, Mordaunt, as Cromwell’s envoy, receives D’Artagnan and Porthos
at Boulogne.

At Boulogne (2) At Boulogne (6)

They present him with a letter from Mazarin, introducing them as Mazarin’s envoys on a mission to Cromwell. Mordaunt
says that he has met D’Artagnan before, but is surprised that D’Artagnan recognised him in his guise as a monk.

At Boulogne (10) At Boulogne (12)

He tells them that Cromwell is facing Charles Stuart at Newcastle, which is where they are going. His ship is ready to cast
off; he nearly left without them.

At Boulogne (13) At Boulogne (14)

Mordaunt is disconcerted when D’Artagnan addresses him by name. Athos had written to them from England,
recommending that Porthos should strangle Mordaunt as soon as he sees him, but D’Artagnan says that while
acting as Mazarin’s envoys, they should refrain from doing so. They will try to kill him should he return to France.

At Boulogne (23) At Boulogne (24)

At Newcastle, Charles Stuart, is deserted by all his troops. Only Athos, Aramis, and Lord de Winter are left supporting
him. Lord de Winter exchanges cloaks with the king, fooling Cromwell’s Captain Groslow, but then Mordaunt arrives,
(accompanied by D’Artagnan and Porthos) and correctly identifies Charles Stuart.

At Newcastle (2) At Newcastle (11)

He asks de Winter, his “Dear Uncle”, whether he remembers Milady, then puffs some kind of poison into his face. Lord
de Winter falls dead.

At Newcastle (13) At Newcastle (14)

A fight breaks out, and D’Artagnan and Porthos “capture” Athos and Aramis.

At Newcastle (18) Captives (1)

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