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Up the Junction: screencaps

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Jan. 1st, 1970 | 05:15 pm

This film is about a rich girl from Chelsea, Polly, who wants to experience real life, so she gets a job in a factory
in Battersea where she makes friends with the girls working there, and gets a crumby flat.

In this scene near the start of the film, Polly has gone to the pub with new friends Sylve and Rube. There, they meet
three guys including Terry, played by Michael Gothard.

They spend the evening with them.

Sylve and Rube get up and sing with the band.

Terry hits on Rube, and takes her for a ride on his Triumph bike.

Rube is clearly smitten, and snogs Terry outside her front door.

We don’t see Michael for a while after that, but we hear that Terry and Rube are going steady, though Sylve says
he’s a “love ’em and leave ’em” type.

The next time we see him is after Polly takes Rube to a back-street abortionist – an old woman who does the deed
above her shop! Terry knows nothing of this – she hasn’t told him she was pregnant – so he goes to her house to
take her out.

Terry is then confronted by Sylve and Rube’s mother, who calls him a dirty bastard, and won’t let him see Rube.
Upset that Rube has flushed his child down the drain (as he puts it) Terry roars off on his bike after claiming that
Rube was just a cheap thrill.

However, the next we see, Terry has stuck by Rube and they are having an engagement party. Rube decides she wants
to go bowling, so they all go out to their various means of transport.

Rube decides to ride in one of her friends’ cars, leaving Terry and another of the group to race to the bowling alley,
saying that whoever gets there first can have her.

A truck pulls out; Terry goes straight into it, and dies, twitching, under the truck.

The main focus of the film, is Polly's attempt to live like the common people, and her romance with Pete, who would
rather escape the life of toil and deprivation.

Terry and Rube's story provides a tragic sub-plot.

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