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michael_gothard's Journal

Michael Gothard Archive
24 June 1939
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This archive has been established to celebrate the life and works of the actor Michael Gothard.

Michael Gothard at The Beat hotel, 1960/61 by Harold Chapman

Michael Gothard 1961 at the Café St-Michel, by Harold Chapman.
©TopFoto/Harold Chapman

The archive is maintained by Joya Ghose, with help gratefully received from other fans, on Livejournal and elsewhere.

If you have any information, links or photos to add, please leave details in a comment on the latest journal entry, here.

If you have anything to add to a particular entry, or a correction to suggest, please leave a comment on that entry.

If we have used something of yours without giving credit, and you are happy for it to remain here, please let us know how you wish to be credited.

Research done for this archive, including interviews, must not to be copied in for-profit publications.

Above all, if you knew Michael, or worked with him, we would love to hear from you, and to add any memories or photos you would like to offer to this archive.